7 Best Running Shoes for Heel strikers: Must Buy

Are you a heel striker looking for the best running shoes for heel strikers that suit your walking style? We got you covered! Heel strikers hit the heel first when they land their feet on the ground. And it’s OK being a heel striker. But inefficient running movements can also lead to a reduction in speed and stamina.

Heel-cushioning and stability elements in running shoes may reduce the downsides of heel striking, encourage a more neutral gait, and lessen the likelihood of injury, all of which contribute to improved running efficiency.

Heel Striking Shoes & Selection

If you prefer to land on your heels when you walk, you should invest in running shoes with plenty of padding and support. Think about the pronation control and arch support of the shoe. Additionally, those who tend to land on their heels and have flat arches may benefit from wearing supportive footwear. And we will recommend the best running shoes for heel strikers.

When shopping for running shoes, heel strikers should keep a few things in mind to reduce the likelihood of injury and maximize efficiency. Gait analysis is recommended to guarantee the optimal fit. However, analyzing your running style and technique will help you find the best running shoes according to your needs. For optimal comfort and foot health, try to find materials that will not trap moisture but allow air to circulate freely.

Best Running Shoes for Heel Strikers

We have the knowledge and equipment to assess your walking style and recommend shoes that work best for you. So, here are some best running shoes for heel-toe runners:

1. Mizuno Women’s Wave Rebellion Running Shoe

Are you ready for long-distance walks with Mizuno women’s wave rebellion running shoes? They actually are designed to give a peaceful walk without uncomfortable feeling. These are made of durable carbon rubber material to give you more cozy vibes.

  • Superior cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • Durable carbon rubber material


Size 6_9

15 different colors available
Manufacturers Mizuno
Wearing department Women
Package Dimensions 12.01 x 7.32 x 4.61 inches

2. Under Armour Charged Rogue 2.5

Under Armour Charged Rogue 2.5
Let me introduce you to one of the best running shoes for heel strikers: “under Armour charged Rogue 2.5”. This footwear is crafted to give you the best running experience with a proper grip on any area and a beautiful look.
  • Perfect running partner for traction
  • Rubber heel for better support


Colors5 different colors available
Size5_ 8.5
ManufacturerUnder Armour
Wearing departmentWomen
Product Dimensions13.13 x 12.99 x 5.02 inches

3. Mens Running Shoes Blade Sneakers Mesh Breathable

Mens Running Shoes Blade Sneakers Mesh Breathable Lightweight Tennis Walking Gym Shoes for Men

Lightweight Tennis Walking Gym Shoes for Men Looking for stylish running shoes and could not find them? These Blade sneakers are for you! They have anti-slip quality and breathable materials to keep your feet dry and fresh.


  • Stylish rubber sole
  • Anti-slip
  • Breathable


Colors6 unique & different colors available
Size7_ 12
StyleBlade sneakers
Wearing departmentMen
Package Dimensions11.5 x 7 x 4.3 inches

4. Mizuno women Wave Rider 24 Waveknit Running Shoe, Black dark Shadow, 7.5 US

Mizuno womens Wave Rider 24 Waveknit Running Shoe, Black-dark Shadow, 7.5 US

The best running shoes for heel strikers. Black dark shadow shoes with a medium to high heel-to-toe drop are perfect for heel strikers because they promote a more natural transition from heel strike to toe-off.
  • Low-top from arch
  • Stable platform


ColorsBlack dark color
Wearing departmentWomen
Package Dimensions1.97 x 7.32 x 4.65 inches

5. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam More V1 Running Shoe

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam More V1 Running Shoe

Do you want to work out and cannot find the best shoes that fit you? ‘New balance men’s fresh foam more V1 running shoe’ is here. In addition, this footwear heel is designed with a rubber sole for a flexible run. It’s crucial to have material that can absorb shock. And we are recommending this product because of its quality.


  • Ultra-cushioned & lightweight
  • 100% Mesh


Colors5 unique colors available
Size7_ 15
Wearing departmentMen
Package Dimensions13.2 x 8.1 x 5.1 inches

6. KR Strikeforce Maui Women’s Lightweight Athletic Bowling

Shoes with Comfort Fit Construction Acquiring the ideal slides is now absolutely possible with these lightweight athletic bowling shoes. That’s why they are very comfortable for players.
  • Lightweight, soft, breathable knitted upper
  • Great for bowlers


Colors3 colors
Size5_ 11
Wearing departmentWomen
Package Dimensions14 x 12 x 5 inches
ManufacturerKR Strikeforce

7. Skechers Men’s Gowalk Arch Fit-Athletic Workout Walking Shoe with Air Cooled Foam Sneaker

Skechers Men's Gowalk Arch Fit-Athletic Workout Walking Shoe with Air Cooled Foam Sneaker

These shoes are best for people who want to avoid sweating while playing and working out. ‘Skechers men’s go walk provides good comfort arch support and is also the best running shoe for heel strikers.


  • Ultra go padding
  • Air-cooled arch fit


Colors8 colors
Size7_ 10.5
Wearing departmentMen
Package Dimensions14.09 x 8.19 x 4.88 inches
ManufacturerSkechers USA Ltd

Wrap Up

The article highlighted the top 7 running shoes for heel-toe runners. Cushioning and shock absorption in these shoes reduce stress on muscles and joints. They encourage a natural gait cycle by lowering the heel at different rates from the forefoot. On the other hand, these shoes are also great since they provide excellent assistance for the arch. Their top construction makes them comfortable and breathable. The best running shoes for heel strikers are available and evaluating them might help you choose the best for you.


How do you tell whether you're heel striking?

Heel striking in the running is characterized by a harsh impact sound upon landing on the heel, an obvious wear pattern on the heel area of the shoe, a possible backward lean while running, and an increase in stress on the lower legs and joints.

Do heel strikers need a particular type of running shoe?

Yes, only some pairs of running shoes are ideal for rearfoot strikers. Footwear with sufficient heel cushioning is essential for heel strikers. That’s why we are suggesting the best running shoes for heel strikers.

Do injuries occur from heel striking?

Injuries are possible from heel striking. Landing on the heel can also cause knee pain due to the immediate impact and higher forces communicated through the legs.

When should you replace your running shoes?

Depending on how quickly the cushioning and support in your running shoes wear out, you should change them every 300–500 miles (480–800 km). However, this is not always the case and can be affected differently.

Can shoe inserts or orthotics help with heel striking?

Shoe inserts or orthotics can alleviate the effects of heel striking by giving the foot more stability, shock absorption, and postural correction. People with unique foot problems or biomechanical abnormalities may benefit significantly from wearing custom orthotics. If you don’t know which inserts or orthotics will work best for you, it’s best to talk to a doctor or a podiatrist.

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